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Our experience with All Pro was great from start to finish. You guys were easy to deal with, the materials were all good quality and the finished product looks great. If you ever need a reference in the area, you are more than welcome to call us.

~ Warren


Thank you again for everything, our beautiful new home is close to being done soon. It's a great house and thanks to all of you there at AllPro, David got to be there when the walls went up and said they were very straight and solid, and was very pleased with it. I will get to see it on the weekend of the 18th. I can't wait, we will get to be there when the last load comes in. Thanks for being so kind and patient with me, you've helped take some of stress out. This has been quite an experience, what fun!

~ Dawn & David


Your company was great to do business with and I've come to learn that that's saying a lot in the construction business! I have had several people ask about where we got the house kit from and have passed on AllPro Building Systems info to them, so I hope future business comes out of it for you. If everything goes as planned on my side, I may be doing this again in 3-5 years and I will definitely contact you. Thank you so much for always doing what you said you would, and for a quality product.

~ Tara


My family and many friends are in the building trades. None of them recommended or advised that I use a panelized system. I had in the past spoken with a man in Colorado who built luxury spec homes in Summit County, high in the mountains. He used panelized systems to build these spectacular homes, they went up in a jiffy compared to the stick built homes that were taking months and months to get "dried in".

When it came time to build my dream home, I found a builder and asked if he’d be willing to use a panelized system. He knew nothing of the concept but was open to learn. The process from the start has been very easy. AllPro Building Systems has worked with us very closely to get a house that is exceeding our expectations. They took our plans and designed the system, arranged the shipping, and many other little details. The home materials are very high quality and are properly rigged on the trucks and easy to unload and very easy to build with. When our windows arrived, the were not just loaded on the truck and exposed to the weather, like every other company would shipped them. Our windows arrived neatly and securely packaged in large, protective crates. Very professionally packaged. All deliveries were on time and delivered with professional and courteous drivers

Our framers took only 2 days to put up our first floor. 2,240 sq ft with 10 ft ceilings. They were amazed at how easily the panels go up, the quality and the tight perfect fit. My builder said the framers have approached him several times saying they do not want to stick frame the old way anymore. The builder wants to panelize some of his future homes.

I would highly recommend AllPro Building Systems, they are reliable and professional. The quality, service and most importantly, the wood, is awesome! We plan on building a small cabin in the woods on our farm... no doubt I will be calling AllPro Building Systems for the kit!! If you are considering a building project... do yourself a favor... use a panelized system, you will be very glad you did!

~ Keith Snow


My husband has always had the dream of building his own home. When he felt it was the right time, he searched the internet and after much research found the website for AllPro Building Systems. He was very impressed with the prices and designs and especially the very good customer service he received as he had many questions.

Today we are nearly complete in building our lovely home from AllPro. We have received numerous comments on what a great design our home has, and how attractive the outside of the home is. My husband is very proud of the structure, the quality of the materials, and the weather-tested insulating quality (we have experienced weeks and weeks of -30 to -50 below temperatures in Alaska).

We are thankful to AllPro for always being available to answer questions and deal with concerns. We recommend this system to each person we meet that is considering building a home. My husband says that he would build another if he had the chance!

~ Claudio & Theresa Gomes


My husband and I are almost finished assembling our AllPro home, and have nothing but the highest regard for every aspect of our dealings with AllPro. They were there for us every inch of the way... from the initial purchase of and changes to the floor plans.. to providing all of the necessary back up for California building stipulations.. and, incidentally, Napa County has some of the most stringent standards in the state. They accepted ABS's plans without question. AllPro Building Systems personnel are honest people who provide excellent quality and go the extra mile for you! I would highly recommend them."

~ J. L. Matthias


I'm happy to share my experiences with AllPro Building Systems. As a first time homebuilder acting as my own general contractor, it was very helpful to use the AllPro panelized system.

In the planning, budgeting phase, it was a great advantage to have the "set" material cost that All Pro can give. The take-off bids I was receiving for a regular stick-built house were all over the map. I felt very uncomfortable creating a budget until I started working with AllPro. Plus their price was unbeatable by any local lumber yard. Do make sure that your plans have been engineered by a reputable, local engineer who's familiar with the local codes and building practices.

I found the quality of materials to be standard or above standard. I had no problem finding a local framer to assemble the package, and it did go together very fast. The framer had assembled other panelized homes from other panelized manufacturers, and unquestionably said that the AllPro product went together the best. Everyone who has seen our house has thought it looks like good quality construction.

The AllPro team were very good to work with. They went out of their way to be helpful and satisfy any problem we had.

~ S. Welch


Hi. Would build another one of your homes (and will in future) in a heartbeat. We LOVE it!

~ Donna & Dan Zaben


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I am just so amazed at the service you offer! I have only just learned through your site that such a thing is possible. It is really a wonderful process and am wondering "why the heck isn't this more mainstream and why haven't heard about this sooner?" I am going to tell all our friends and whoever else will listen about this!

~ Crystal


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